An Ark In The Dark

Noah’s story is one of the most loved in all of literature, especially in children’s literature, but as we all know there is a very dark side to his story. God saves but he also judges, and with that judgement comes the destruction of the world. No children’s book should focus solely on this aspect but neither should it be ignored. Creatively, and with love and understanding, An Ark In The Dark briefly (two pages) explores this important aspect. We believe that without its inclusion the moral impact of Noah’s story is lost. To help parents help their kids with the Noah story two mice tag along for the journey, and the emotional expressions (expertly rendered by our artist James Koening) of these little critters give parents a conduit to explain the tough choices Noah had to make. Outside of these two pages the story is bright and full of God’s grace toward Noah and the creation he so lovingly saves.